Trent Smith

Utah Trucking Academy Graduate
“Dear Gail & all my friends at the Utah Trucking Academy.

When I started shopping for a trucking school, I was looking for one that provided a reasonable value in a reasonable time frame and could train me on a manual transmission. Little did I know that, at the Utah Trucking Academy, I had found all that and a whole lot more!

My experience with your school started when Gail was the first to respond to my calls. She was friendly and inviting. When she taught, she had a way of combining tough-as-nails strictness with loads of her bright personality. It made the business of becoming a safe, law-abiding truck driver a fun experience for me.

When I arrived at the school on my first day, I half expected to meet gruff people, rough around the edges, who might not be terribly patient with a timid soul such as myself. Instead, I met Leland whose personable demeanor gave me to know that I was in the right place.

Colin and Leland’s gentle patience, abundant praise, and hands-off teaching style helped transition me from hard-core coaching into a phase of learning to stand on my own two feet – a valuable combination of multiple teaching methods! I wish I could remember the other driver instructor’s name. His sense of humor and his camaraderie and insights were indispensable parts of the learning process.

When I left the Utah Trucking Academy, thanks to your generosity and love of teaching, I had gained a whole lot more than a fixed number of hours of instruction and training. I had gotten a big head start learning everything from shifting to logging to backing to route planning. I had learned much about everything from winter weather driving to lot lizards to laws and regulations from your hilarious stories and valuable lessons. I had actually earned my CDL and found my future employer. I was able to set realistic expectations for myself about the road ahead. But perhaps most valuable of all, I had gained a handful of friends for life – friends who taught me a new and much more secure way to provide for my family.

I never imagined my writing to you about my adventures and progress would mean so much to all of you. I’m just really glad I have been able to help boost your morale as you held on tight through this COVID-19 stuff. I just know the economy will open up again soon. When it does, people who have been putting off their training will come. People who’ve seen how important truckers are in a whole new light will want to be one too, and they will come. When they do, the Utah Trucking Academy will be waiting for them, and I’m confident your incredible school will thrive as never before.

Your friend always,


Seth Foster

I want to thank all of you at Utah Trucking Academy again for helping me get my CDL! Everything you taught me has proved worthwhile.

Shaun Lethco

Best choice I’ve made.
By far the best instructors around and a great atmosphere to be in and around. They treat you like family!!

Jake Jarvis

Hi Gail thanks all is good stay in busy at work still I think they like me for a raise I’m at 16 an hour learning to pull doubles ralph smith is a great company to work for thanks for helping change my life let me know if their is anything I can ever do for you!

Willie Sao

Great experience at this trucking school! Hands on experience and a great instructor (Beau)who was very knowledgeable and patient throughout the whole process. Friendly people who genuinely care about you as a person and will do what it takes to make sure you understand the material and also the driving portion of the schooling. Although my time was short there, I have learned so much there and Beau made it fun and interesting to learn about the different parts of the truck. I appreciate you guys!

Lanelle Devlin

The BEST trainers. Knowledgeable, patient and teach you how to drive the trailer. The placement staff also look out for your best interest in finding the right company for YOU!

Rick Buchholz

Thank you as well for all that you do for our industry and for Werner.

Brian Godfrey

Utah Trucking Academy is an excellent choice for a new CDL trainee. They have a program for everyone. I needed a night school, and yep, they had a program for me. The staff is all knowledgeable, friendly, and determined to help you succeed. Go talk with Gail, if you meet with her face to face, she will work something out for you personally. As a student, show up on time, participate, listen, study, have respect for other people and equipment, and you will have success at this school. This is a 5 STAR Program, with 5 STAR trainers!


I would also like to thank you again for Drew. He is becoming a valuable part of our family here at Montana Brand. We are hoping to utilize him as much as he would like. I am looking forward to Gina joining our family as well. I hope that she ends up liking it here and decides to stick around. Thank you for both of these excellent drivers.
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